Black Peppercorn

Do not be fooled by this diminutive morsel.  A saintly exterior shell teases your palate with slight floral notes before the devil lashes out.  This addicting blast of enduring heat will infuse your whole self, inspiring the desire to create and create and create culinary masterpieces.

Product Description

kampot-pepper-black-500x500From the highlands of Kampot, Cambodia, this superb Black Pepper is plucked from the vine while its berries are still young and green.  Then, allowed to sun-dry, their spicy nature is preserved.  Floral and earthy undertones complete this elegant spice.







Ideal uses:

As a base ingredient for any culinary creation

Grind over your finished dish for added depth of flavor



*Store away from sunlight inside an airtight container to preserve freshness.  Ensure top quality flavor by grinding these whole peppercorns just before use.


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